Who are we?

Howee GmbH is located at Bremen , 100km far away from Hamburg port. Easier for transporting and warehouse.

We have rich experience on trading business import and export between China and Europe. We have long-term cooperation partner on logistic forwarding company to help us custom clearance. We know how to help customer arrange goods transportation by sea or by air on right time with right price.

Street light is our traditional products import from Shanghai to Europe and USA for more than 20years. Particularly on the period time of Corona-virus in 2020. We help several European country and Africa import epidemic goods from China , such as Thermometers, Disposable medical mask, surgical gowns, Nitril hand gloves and disinfection products.

During this period of time , we recognize our mission is not only on trading business but also on purchasing , product quality controlling and on reputation.

So we invest a lot of time on negotiating with factory , about technical, delivery time, and payment. Our knowledge is to ensure product quality is to ensure customer benefits.

Our global team help us arrange everything going through well and succesfully daily and weekly efficient.

Why is us?

Firstly we have good reputation in our business channel.
Secondly, we have rich market resources and Human Resources waiting for developing.
Thirdly, our team follow us for more than 10 years. They are quite stable and efficient.
We trust these three important elements are enough for you to choose us.

Why is China market ?

As we all know, China is the biggest and potential market in the world. The history witness how the Great China grow up, how is the Chinese econmic system built up in these 30years from 1980’s. So each visionary businessman love to develop their business on Chinese market. For such huge market, what should we wait for?

Company Org chart

Main person contact with Chinese Market
Monica Purchaser
Main person contact supplier in Europe

Who is our customers

If you have interest on Europe products, please contact us. If you want to purchase products from our Naturlebenhaus , please contact us. If you want to buy wines from Europe , please contact us. If you trust us, please contact with us.

Who are our users

Whom loves Europe culture, trust Europe quality, loves innovated , designed, high quality goods.


Our main market is China.

What can we do?

We are the bridge between German and China.

Our professional is building a new brand in domestic China, helping the brand expand their business and distributing the products on E-commerce channel and retailer, such as supermarket and Weipinhui, Little red book( social media) , Wechat.

If you have any products love to launched in China, please contact us, we are the right partnership ,you are looking for.

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